Loving the Apple Bottom jeans she got for her birthday and her new goofy smile she gives you if you ask her a question.


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Is this thing on? Ha, so does anyone stop here anymore? I want to get back into the habit of blogging again. Check back for some updates.

1. We are officially going to move on Saturday, yahoo

2. I am addicted to Facebook Scramble

3. Thinking about trying these

4. Cannot wait for Andrea and the girls to get here!

5. Regan had fun at the Pumpkin Patch


6. How cute is this costume?!?!?!


along with these goofballs


7. Regan also loves bath time


8. Lots of Birthday Shout outs!

Happy Birthday Brittney!


Happy Birthday Lillia!


Happy Birthday Brandon!


Happy Birthday Kevin!


Happy Birthday Jason!


9.Regan’s very first piece of Halloween candy


10. Did I mention I love resale shops? Look at the cute ugg-like boots i scored for $3.50!


Andrea and her 2 girls, Zayden & Tatum,  came for Regan’s party. Ande also made the awesome invitations for her party. We had such a great time.

This pic just cracks me up everytime! We were laughing so hard watching her fall asleep. I guess she doesn’t feel the same way about Culver’s ice cream!

The day after the party we all headed to the zoo. The zoo is so much better with a few kids. They get so excited. Here is a timer pic of us, not bad. Except Regan looks like Ed Grimley.

What would a trip be without riding the train! Regan loved it, Tatum freaked out.

This picture is so precious and funny. The two of them were trying to count their pennies to see if they had enough for the wax machine. Sorry girls, maybe next time.

Tatum caught on with all the photo mania too!   She was even saying “CHEESE” when she picked up the camera.

We were so glad they could come in for Regan’s birthday. And it will only be a short month til they are here again for Thanksgiving. Which by the way I am hosting, YIKES!!!! And yes Kevin’s mom is going to make me stick my hand up a turkey’s rear, UGH!!!!!

I realized these have been a day late, oh well, here you go!

1. Please read this and really consider cutting out MSG &Aspartame!!! As a long time MSG and Aspartame intolerator the more I read the more I am convinced they are HORRIBLE!!!!

2. Some more info to make you think

3.  This sounds YUMMY!

4. I will have to try this recipe

5. OMG!!!!

6. Culver’s is the best!

7. One of Kev & I’s favorite spot

8. This is my comfort food, I could eat plates of it

9. These are the best thing for those with a sweet tooth and  trying to lose weight,  dude 1 freaking point each!!!

10.  My Favorite appetizer, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

1. Would love THIS in my house

2. I should definately get something like THIS

3. Would love one of THESE for my desk, so pretty

4. Cool PRINT

5. Gotta get some of THESE for the kitchen

6. Love her art STYLE

7. Something else I would LOVE to have in the house

8. Watched THIS movie last night, loved it, especially the music

9. Carpet is done and we are starting to pack up boxes and getting them to house

10. Regan is cutting 2 more teeth, still no front two teeth!

Regan turned 1 on the 7th. What a year!! She has changed so much it is unreal.

It is so unbelievable to look back at these pictures and see how far she has come today!

So of course we had to celebrate with a big party! Thank god the weather was awesome and thank god for bouncie houses!!!! I highly suggest them to anyone having parties with a lot of kids!

Even Andrea  & Brittney got in on the action!!!! And we also had to get Aunt Jeannie & Uncle Tony’s Cornhole game (Cornholio is what i call it – gives it that Snoop Dog edge – he he)

And then of course Kev & Jason had to turn it into sky ball cornhole, bean bags and leaves from the tree were all over the place. My dad made these for my aunt and uncle, I guess I will have to get my christmas request in now, hint hint!!!

And what would a party be with cake…

Although she really wanted NOTHING to do with the cake, I guess mommy doesn’t let her play with her food enough. Can you blame me?!

Here we are opening some presents, she got so many cute clothes! And there was one present that was made especially for her by Aunt Jo, Regan loves soft, fuzzy things so she knitted her a baby sized scarf. So bittersweet.

We were also glad my Uncle Tommy could make it to the party! In August he was diagnosed with lymphoma. It is pretty advanced but he is fighting with all his might and Regan is his little fighter along side him. So please send out some prayers my Uncle’s way, our family will appreciate that!

All in all a good time was had. Stay tuned on a post about some special visitors we had for her party!

so I have seen this on other blogs and I thought I would bring up 10 random things on Tuesdays, here goes:

1. Carpeting is going in today, yahoo!!!

2. Go Brewers!!!!!

3. What is up with Meredith, get with McDreamy already!!!!!

4.  Giving this a whirl, l will let you know how it goes

5. Trying to keep hearing aids on a 1 year old is impossible!!!!

6. Mercury is in Retrograde (September 24-October 15) – Read further to find out what happens during this time period and take precautions!

7. I am completely facebook inept!!!

8.  Loving THIS song

9.   Reading THESE books right now, first one – easy read, can’t decide if they are as great as everyone is claiming

10. Love Kal’s ART, especially 96 & 97

Summer always seems to fly by. It brought a few birthday parties and as always appointments for Regan. Although not as many as the beginning of the year!!! I was looking back and couldn’t believe that we had 15 appointments with various dr’s and therapists and nurses in January. I just can’t believe how crazy this last year has been. Here is Regan with her cousin Mackenzie. Such little cuties!

August also brought some first birthdays, first up was Ava. We went to her party and we all had so much fun. Regan especially loved the bouncy house.

Here she is at the party with her new sneaks on!

Time to go for a walk with Grandma & Grandpa Street!

And look what else popped up in August, two bottom teeth,

Nice picture! (he he)

And our friends Leigh & Todd’s twins, Blake & Bailey, also turned 1 in August.

How cute are they!

Tucker got to experience his first Packer game. Once we told him to jump around and cheer to get on the jumbo tron he was all for it!! And guess what, he made it on the jumbo tron, too bad I didn’t have my camera ready for it, ugh!!!!! Well that just made him cheer even more! Which worked out well because he ended up sleeping the entire way home, he he.

My Aunt Dorothy, her son David and wife Kelly also visited in August. They came in for her 80th birthday. We had a family get together for that. She loved being able to see Regan and Regan had fun with her too!

There is August in a day. Stay tuned for September!

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